Meet a Farmer; Nurney Farm

Meet a Farmer; Nurney Farm
Have you met Deirdre and Co at Nurney farm in Kildare? We visited the farm for the OGI’s internship induction day and Deirdre was good enough to bring us around the farm and feed us some excellent Fair Food

For those of you in and around the capital, perhaps you’ve been to the Green Door Market in Dublin 8? Did you know that the market, along wth four other markets have to move! We’ll be chatting with the Green Door Market stall holders and the citizens who support them this Sunday (June 3rd). Sign up to our newsletter to hear whats happening and what the next steps for market are. For now though, enjoy Nurney Farm’s story and what Deirdre & Co have been up to in their seasonal update.

Our Story

We are organic farmers for 28 years with a 40 acre farm in North Kildare. We import and grow our own range of Fruit and vegetables. We sell in Trim farmers market , in our own farm shop and in The Green Door Market in Dublin. We are a small farm and we employ 4 full time staff on decent wages. We’d also have part time college students on our Saturday market.

We strive to reinvest in our farm to keep it modern and to also reduce our impact on the environment, at this stage we have our own reed bed sewage system, solar power hot water, wind turbine for home electricity and we have agro forestry in some fields to grow wood for our home heating system.

We have been organic since 1990. We were Biodynamic growers for 7 years in that time. We have since moved to more Co-creative practises. following Michealla Small Wright Perelandra ideas and practises. We use Agro-forestry in some of our fields to cycle nutrients from deep in the ground and to grow our own fuel.

We endeavour to keep our waste products to a minimum so we have invested in a reed bed sewage treatment system, we compost all our waste cardboard on site, we recycle anything we can and we are making the move to reduce our use of plastic on the market stalls. We provide out customers with the option to but organic cotton bags for their produce.

Seasonal Update

We have finished the ploughing thanks to the great weather over the last few weeks.

We transplanted the first outdoor crops a few eeks back. Broccoli, cabbage, purple sprouting, cauliflower, all sorts of lettuces, scallions, leeks.

We sowed peas, sugar snap and broad beans in the field.

We’ve been harvesting from the tunnels and our new glasshouse. Mixed leaves, rocket, coriander, spinach, kale, scallions, and herbs. We have masses of lettuce, scallions, peas, beans, carrots, beetroot to name a few growing merrily in the indoor spaces.

Our grow houses are packed full of trays at all stages of growth. Some almost ready to harden off and some just peeping up on the heated benches.

This is such an exciting time on the farm.

Many thanks for the break in the weather and may we have a wonderful growing season!

From all at Nurney Farm




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