Why should we buy food from fair food farmers?

Why should we buy food from fair food farmers?

Fair food fulfils our need for healthy, nutritious, affordable food without compromising the health of our planet or the livelihood of farmers; ensuring that future generations will be able to feed themselves in the same way. That’s why here at foodture we help you to find Fair Food farmers in Ireland!

There are many reasons why we should buy food from farmers who farm in harmony with nature:

1. Shorter transport routes

Transportation based on fossil fuel needs to be reduced as we transition to a low carbon future. Citizens can contribute to reduce green-house gases from this sector by buying local, sustainably produced food. Buying directly from a local fair food farmer means that the produce still has it’s full nutrients and flavour, which get lost through long transport routes and cooling chains. It also means that it’s not wrapped in harmful plastic packaging, reducing food and plastic waste.

2. Cooking in season

Reducing the amount of processed food on our tables has tremendous benefits for our health and the environment. We learn to reconnect to the seasons and regain skills in cooking and preserving. Many would argue that there is no time for cooking but once we get into it, we realize that preparing fresh food doesn’t need to take long. A plethora of recipes and tips are available online, suitable for all lifestyles and tastes. And once you taste real food…there’s no coming back!

3. Transparency & Resilience

Meeting the fair food farmer who grows your food and seeing how your food is grown brings a level of transparency that no supermarket can give you. It goes beyond trusting a marketing image of a friendly looking farmer on a packaging. Once you look them directly in the eye, you know you can trust that they do their best to feed you and your family with healthy, nutritious food. Farming is often a lonely job and by having a direct contact with farmers we can build communities around them. It has social, environmental, economic benefits and creates resilience; especially in rural areas.

4. Ecological aspects

Fair food farmers are custodians of the land. Some of them have farmed the land since generations and know every inch of it. Every field, every animal has a name and a story. They know that they can only grow healthy food in a healthy environment. They live on and from the land, cherish it and will make sure that future generations will be able to farm on it. When you drive through the country you enjoy the landsapes and nature. Only by supporting fair food farmers we can ensure that the land will not be sold to developers and these landscapes preserved.

5. Habitat

Go and visit a fair food farm! You’ll hear it rustling, singing and humming from the hedgerows, trees and meadows around the farm. As there is a lack of broadleaf forests these areas are important places for the survival of wild animals. they need it for nesting and to find food. The more we can create green corridors for animals to live safely, the more we will benefit from healthy ecosystems in our landscapes. fair food farmers help to preserve these areas and understand the importance to leave them undisturbed especially in the nesting season.

6. Genetic diversity

Once you start buying what’s in season from a fair food farm you’ll be surprised about the different varieties of crops that farmers grow. Sometimes you might need to search online to know what exactly you’re dealing with! How do you cook salsify? What can you do with Sorrell? This is fun and exciting and adds colour, flavour and most importantly a diverse nutrition to your diet. Supermarkets only provide us with standardised products and offer no variety. We eat the same crops over and over again leading to different deficiencies in macro-and micro nutrients and end up being bored by our food.

7. Farmer livelihoods

Farming is a risky business, especially in times of climate change as we could see over the course of the last year. A long winter delayed the start of the growing season and a dry summer stressed the plants. Fair food farmers need to deal with all those factors to keep producing high-quality food for us. We should value the work that goes into it and instead of giving our hard earned money to intermediaries like supermarkets, who generally don’t pay the farmers a fair price, we can just give it directly to the farmers and ensure they get a fair income. This can help to secure their livelihoods and to show aspiring farmers that citizens care and that they will have a market to sell their produce. Noone wants to constantly fight for survival, but farmers often do. As Food Citizens it is our duty to vote with our money for the food system we want to see now and in the future!

If you want to buy food from fair food producers have a look at our map, find who’s near you and contact them directly. If you’re a fair food producer then join us to be featured on our platform and found on our map.

Together we can shape a fairer food future!

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