Get stuck into soil!

Get stuck into soil!

Soil, that few inches thick layer that covers our Planet, often referred to as mud and dirt, is a living, breathing thing. They say one handful of soil contains more life then there are humans on the Earth. A healthy soil is vital for healthy food. Soil filters and stores water; hosts a quarters of Earth’s biodiversity and has a vital role to play in mitigating and adapting to climate change. Despite all that, soil in under threat. Under threat from intensive agriculture, industrialisation, and urbanisation. Experts predict that at this rate, we have less than 60 years of topsoil left. It takes 1000+ years to form 1 cm of soil……

It’s time to get our hands dirty. We’ve compiled a to do list to help you get stuck into soil;


These two short films are great for a quick overview of soil matters & soil solutions.



Watch this fantastic, inspiring, night in by the fire kinda film – The Symphony of the Soil


Soil is vital to our food nutritional security. The farmers on our Fair Food Finder know this. Working to repair, conserve, protect and build soil for plant, animal and human health. Sit back and let one of our farmers tell you more;



Winter is here, making it the ideal time to rest and read up on all things soil and more. Whether you dabble in a little GIY yourself or like most of us, just want to better understand our food system and how best we can take action to make it fairer, we recommend the following reads.

BookKiss the Ground – Josh Tickell

Now with its own website, course and soon to be released documentary. This is a great book for the novice soil solutionary

The Soil and Health: A Study of Organic Agriculture – Albert Howard

Ever wonder whats the difference between organic and non-organic food? This is a great book in helping to answer that question and more. Howard looks at the link between how we treat the soil and our ever rising health issues.

BookThe Third Plate – Dan Barber’s

This book offers hope! And makes ones mouth water! This is a must read for anyone, because we are all ‘eaters’ and Barber shows us that we can create meaningful change in the world through the choices wemake about food!


Where would we be without Dave Beecher, the soil preacher! Dave is a Fair Food Farmers best friend. In episode 2 of our Food Citizenship Podcast Dave spoke to us about soil, the soil house party, gut health and more! Listen in and learn from a fair food changemaker

Get Involved

Once you’ve watched, read and listened to all things soil – why not test your knowledge with this short quiz from the FAO: How much do you know about soils?

Share this article with everyone so we can all get dirty with the soil!

Check out the GROW Observatory. A community of people working to grow food, grow soil and grow science! Join their webinar today and find out more!

16.00–17.00 (CET): Webinar: “Citizen Science: From Data to Action

Discover how citizen-generated data on soils, food and a changing climate can create positive change in the world.

Lastly, do as Dan Barber suggests in The Third Plate, be a soil solutionary and choose the food and farmer that supports soil health. Choose a Fair Food Farmer

Happy World Soil Day. Go stick your hands in it!

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