SAQ’s: What is local food?

SAQ’s; otherwise known as should ask questions, help to inform our buying choices choices. We believe in starting a conversation that matters and we want you to continue that conversation. So here are our suggested SAQ’s about local food – what does local food mean to you, whats important about local food? 21 Questions.. An […]

Supporting the ‘small but mighty’ farmers

We’ve often heard that if it wasn’t for the ‘Green Revolution’ of the 1960’s that we couldn’t sustain the global population. International institutions like CGIAR helped develop and streamline high yielding varieties of maize, wheat and rice. Along with the applications of synthetic fertilizers, irrigation and pesticides, yields between 1960 – 2000 increased from 30% […]

Can food be ‘fair’?

Our meeting with activist chef Aoife Allen at the Fumbally was truly inspiring and reminded us of the implications of our food choices beyond our health and the environment. Today, food has also become an issue of social justice, human rights violations and uncovering global inequalities. The globalization of food on the one side enables […]