Minimalist lifestyles

"The year of no shopping" challenge has made the mainstream news, from Lisa Regan in Galway to Ann Patchett in the NY Times - an awakening that we are more then mere "consumers" is taking hold!

The time, money you save and just general good feeling you get when you decide not to buy clothes this weekend because you can (cheap cheap fast fashion!) and instead release you are more then what you wear.....and you have 50+ outfits in your wardrobe anyways! 

The Plastic Problem

In November 2017, the BBC aired this video of the floating island of plastic in the Caribbean. Saying no to single use plastics is a major first step in the move to Zero Waste (check out the link to learn more ways to be zero waste!)  

Our suggestion is to use the Fair Food Finder is to get your food direct from the farmer -reducing the need for packaging and labeling! Fresh is Best - Direct from the farm is Better!