Our Story

We are a small 9 acre market garden. While we are not certified we do not use any synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides. We have only just begun, having started one year ago. Prior to farming, I am a trained ecologist and have worked in environmental education and advocacy. After ten years of teaching people about how to protect our environment, I wished to take action myself. Aside from producing healthy, local and chemical free food, the other main focus of our farm is encouraging biodiversity, protecting wildlife and food security in a changing climate. To this end we are creating wildflower meadows, painting hedgerows, creating wildlife ponds, planting a native woodland and a food forest/agroforestry project.

How We Farm

We use a blend of permaculture techniques, organic processes, agroforestry approaches and restoration agriculture. We are working hard to create healthy, organic and biodiverse soil. To build soil fertility and health, we use a mycorrhizal fungi innoculant on all the trees and shrubs we plant. We have horses on the farm and their manure, along with the pig and chicken manure is kept and composted and added to the soil throughout the year.

Supporting biodiversity on our farm is highly important to us. We do not feel it is enough to just keep a separate area for wildlife on the farm but aim to integrate it throughout the entire property. A network of ponds, to manage water drainage and provide habitat for native species, a native woodland with species useful for coppicing in time, we have kept and maintain the original hedgerows and a small ash grove, an organic fruit and nut orchard which we aim to plant up with pollinating plants to support our pollinators and help our orchard flourish. So far we have planted over 200 native trees and 150 food producing trees and shrubs.

We welcome visits to the farm by customers and interested persons, please arrange an appointment first by phone or email, unfortunately we are not an open farm.

Our Goods

We grow and sell a wide range of seasonal, Irish vegetables

Find Our Fair Food

Weekly Vegetable Box Scheme

Drop offs in Ballymahon (Wednesdays – Main Street) and Athlone (Fridays – Market square). We pack our veg boxes with the best and freshest produce available on the farm. Each week customers receive a message with what is in the box that week and can order in advance of the drop off day.

Weekly Market Athlone

We hold a weekly stall at the market square from 10am-2pm in Athlone Town, in the Market square (the car park beside the castle). There we bring all the fresh produce harvested from the farm within the last 24hrs, you can purchase what you need at the stall. Every thursday I post on Facebook what we will have on the market the next day.

Restaurants & Cafes

We are honoured to supply to some of the best restaurants in Westmeath and Longford. If you are a business interested in our produce, please contact me for further information and a price list.

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