Our Story

American girl meets Irish farmer and five years later, Crawford’s Farm is born!

Together, we, Owen and Mimi Crawford, are part of the new age of millennials returning to the land and working to turn our small family farm into a diverse haven of natural food production. Our goal here at Crawford’s Farm is to produce organic, nutrient dense foods that we feel good about feeding to ourselves, our families and our neighbours – food that is raised responsibly, ethically and according to nature’s brilliant design.

We are constantly working toward diversification rather than specialisation, and a visitor to our farm today could be forgiven for mistaking it for a farmstead from yesteryear. A place where small herds of traditional grazing cattle produce wholesome raw milk that is turned into cream and butter, pigs enjoy home-grown rolled oats soaked in skim milk, poultry roam freely after the grazing cattle, the kitchen garden supplies an abundance of fresh veggies, and the farm dogs and cats keep everyone in line.

Our belief in an interconnected way of farming that emulates nature and rejuvenates land, means that everything that we do aims at creating more life for every life that we take to feed ourselves and our community – including the bugs, slugs, worms and all critters! This means we focus on the health of our soils and soil life, the health of our plants and vibrancy of life those plants can support, and the overall health of the natural environment so that we are fostering a natural habitat in which both our animals and all the natural wildlife can thrive.

How We Farm

We also fully embrace seasonality and advocate that seasonal eating is not just for vegetables! There are prime times to eat farmed protein products and eating within these seasons not only ensures consumers are getting the most nutrient-dense product, but it also increases the health of the animals, the planet and the farmers working the land.

This holistic, cyclic model of farming is our choice because it brings about a deeper connection to the natural world, it returns the flavour and nutrition to the products produced on the farm, it connects consumer directly with producers, and it breathes life back into the food traditions and stories of the land.

We are always learning about how to better protect and enhance our soils! We currently are learning to institute adaptive multi-paddock grazing with our cows, mixed a bit with Serengeti-style grazing due to our multi-species aspect. We focus on trying to make good compost and produce natural teas (comfrey, horsetail, nettle, seaweed, etc.) for feeding our soils and try to pay equal respect to the physical, biological and chemical aspects of soil.

We do not use sprays or unnatural practices of any kind. Instead, we choose to foster the growth of a wide variety of farmed species to cater to different niches that in turn bring about a diversity of additional species, both plant and animal. We also always try to include the planting of pollinator-friendly plants, the appropriate maintenance of hedgerows and the planting of native species trees into our yearly farm tasks – all in an effort to reach our long-term vision of a more resilient farm landscape.

Our Goods

We have a small micro-diary milking 10 Irish Shorthorn cows, who are all called into the parlour by name. From their sweet and creamy raw milk we bottle and sell whole, organic raw milk, organic raw cream, organic raw buttermilk and traditional organic, handmade salted butter directly to our amazing community of consumers and retailers for 9-months of the year (mid-March to mid-December).

We also raise a variety of animals on pasture for meat. Seasonally, we offer 100% grass-fed, organic beef and pasture-raised, organic pork, bacon, chicken and duck.

Find Our Fair Food

We have a range of different retailers and delivery routes listed on our website where our dairy products can be purchased each week. We also have a stall at the Limerick Milk Market each Saturday through the milking season, selling all of our raw dairy goods and all available meats. Otherwise all meats are sold directly to customers along delivery routes or from the farm gate.

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Cowbawn, Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary

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Denise September 11, 2018 1:46 pm

The most melt in your mouth butter…….. Amazing food!