Our Story

We are Sinéad & Mick, returnees to farming. We manage a mixed herd of cows on 27 acres of High Nature Value Farmland in Mayo. We are passionate about conserving the species rich grass, mature trees and biodiversity that is found on our farm. Our objective is produce fair food, farmed in harmony with nature for a fair price.

The land we farm was never farmed intensively. The ground was never re-seeded, overstocked, fields widen or hedges removed. Many years ago, the 17 acres around the cottage fed 13 people. It has an old orchard, an old cottage, granary and mature trees dominate all but a few boundaries. This landscape relies on grazing animals. It is referred to as, High Nature Value (HNV) Farmland.

With the intensification of agricultural land on 3 sides and the encroachment of non native sitka spruce on the other, we farm ruminants to protect this little landlocked biodiverse, species rich grassland island. Our herd is 100% grass-fed; grass, grass herb, wildflower and tree leaf fed

How we Farm

We farm following regenerative, holistic practices, learning each day and minding our 4 legged ladies as best we can. We wholeheartedly follow ethical principles with our livestock. We farm on HNV farmland whereby a lower stocking density of grazing livestock has a vital role to play in conserving this unique landscape. We continue to conserve and enchance our hedgerows, planting 50 native trees in 2018 and a further 100 in 2019.

Follow our story online for more information. From 2019 we aim to have raw milk & more fresh produce to sell. You will be able to buy 100% grass-fed, chemical free, nutritionally dense raw milk & more from our farm in Mayo. Our cows are managed to high ethical standards on a diet of species rich grass found on High Nature Value farmland.

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