Food Citizenship Podcast – Episode 8

December 8th is here, meaning its offically Christmas in Ireland! In this food citizenship podcast episode, we spoke to Fair Food Farmers about Christmas dinner. This year you can source your local Fair Food Turkey in the East from Annfield Organic Turkeys, in the West, choose Westernshore Organic Farm for a naturally salted Turkey raised […]

Get stuck into soil!

Soil, that few inches thick layer that covers our Planet, often referred to as mud and dirt, is a living, breathing thing. They say one handful of soil contains more life then there are humans on the Earth. A healthy soil is vital for healthy food. Soil filters and stores water; hosts a quarters of […]

Supporting the ‘small but mighty’ farmers

We’ve often heard that if it wasn’t for the ‘Green Revolution’ of the 1960’s that we couldn’t sustain the global population. International institutions like CGIAR helped develop and streamline high yielding varieties of maize, wheat and rice. Along with the applications of synthetic fertilizers, irrigation and pesticides, yields between 1960 – 2000 increased from 30% […]