Get stuck into soil!

Soil, that few inches thick layer that covers our Planet, often referred to as mud and dirt, is a living, breathing thing. They say one handful of soil contains more life then there are humans on the Earth. A healthy soil is vital for healthy food. Soil filters and stores water; hosts a quarters of […]

What is Bioregionalism?

Bioregionalism is a cultural, political, and environmental movement that promotes the recognition and use of naturally occuring bioregions as the basis for culturally and economically defined areas. These bioregions consist of areas which share physical and environmental features, such as topographical characteristics, soil type, watershed boundaries, climate, wildlife, and growing seasons. These environmental components directly […]

Supermarkets are boring places

Nathalie one of the co-founders of foodture is also a fervent supporter of Community Supported Agriculture and tells us in this article why she’s so passionate about it. The first time somebody mentioned Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) to me was at a permaculture course in Cloughjordan Eco-village. I inquired where I could buy sustainably produced […]